A Gentle Introduction to Dataframes — Part 2of 3

…Learning My First Trick

Transforming Data To Gold


In my previous post I introduced you to some of the basics when viewing, cleaning and transforming your data using Dataframes (see post). In this post I go a step further by showing you how to summarize your data using .groupby(). Like my previous posts, this post is for…

A Gentle Introduction to Dataframes — Part 1 of 3

…Learning My First Trick

Turning Data To Gold

In my previous post I covered my background and goals for Data Science Bootcamp… Becoming a Data Alchemist (see post). Now I am going to introduce you to Python and one of its core tools for working with data, the Dataframe. Having been schooled in C.P.G. Marketing in Corporate America…

Using Data To Drive Innovation


Recently I enrolled in Flatirons Data Science Bootcamp. My learning goals for the program are simple: Data Alchemy: The magical process of transforming data into insights.

My background is in Corporate America, C.P.G Marketing, with a heavy focus on leading teams in New Product Innovation. I have my M.B.A…

Russell Pihlstrom

Innovation Leader and Insight Enthusiast !

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